Aestima’s established team of law costs specialists are committed to an ethos of precision, pragmatism and timeliness. They apply these traits to each of the comprehensive services on offer, to ensure that clients receive the most positive outcome possible.

The team’s knowledge of law costs procedures ensures the client receives the uppermost recovery or saving. It is this combination of in-depth understanding and versatility that truly sets them aside. Each service is tailored to the specific client and case, meaning a bespoke approach that draws upon years of experience.

The core objective to each service is to satisfy our clients and save them time. Whether this is through representation in court, or negotiating a settlement, it is Aestima’s role to minimise disruption and push for a speedy resolution.

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Costs Budgets

The vast experience of our law costs consultants ensures that accurate, precise budgets and submissions are prepared. Their familiarity with court processes enables them to supply the opposition with documents that are difficult to challenge, thanks to both their careful preparation and realistic approach. The continuity of working with the same consultant throughout brings speed and precision to the process.

Legal Aid

Legal aid is a niche area of legal costs that is commonly being avoided by other consultancies. At Aestima, we have consultants with the experience and knowledge to ensure that maximum profits are gained, thanks to our detailed understanding of the regulations. Our submissions pass legal aid scrutiny, and our ongoing training in CCMS and HCCP saves time for our clients and keeps them well within strict deadlines.

Specialist Areas

The vast experience of the Aestima team enables direct insight into the more specialist areas of legal costs. There are often strict deadlines and specific published guidelines that accompany these cases, all of which require meticulous attention to detail. The Aestima team ensure that they work well within the boundaries throughout the process on behalf of the client. They can remain safe in the knowledge that submission dates are met and representation is professionally provided.

Solicitor & Own Client Assessments

A sizeable amount of time can be saved by allowing Aestima to prepare invoices to clients, with fee earners able to utilise their time elsewhere. Thanks to the vast experience the Aestima team have in solicitor and own client assessments, we can ensure that disputes are avoided and reputations maintained. We can provide advice as to the likely quantum value and outcome of the Solicitors Act 1974 Proceedings.

Preparing Legal Bills of Costs

The ability of the Aestima consultants to prepare all documents to the specific formats required and scrutinise files to ensure absolute accuracy is what makes this service so valuable. The attention to detail provided keeps challenges to a minimum and keeps the process moving at a swift pace that eventually leads to a lower fee. The focus is on a high level of recovery for each and every case, something attainable thanks to continuity of the same law costs consultant, frank advice and quick turnaround.

Management of Detailed Assessment Proceedings

Throughout the costs assessment process we will diarise all key dates to ensure that deadlines are never missed. We will maintain a careful approach that ensures accuracy and efficiency throughout, with your law costs consultant remaining the same from beginning to end. In cases where we act on your behalf, we will conduct ourselves in a robust manner that gains the most favourable outcome possible.

Points of Dispute

Careful consideration and expert industry knowledge ensures that points of dispute are prepared accurately and well within the given timeframes. By clearly identifying points and understanding compliance, your consultant is able to maximise the protection for clients. Reasonable and realistic advice will be given throughout the process to ensure a swift resolution on the best terms for your client, with advocacy available should it be required at a hearing.

Court of Protection

Accuracy and an understanding of the nuances and case law surrounding the Court of Protection is crucial to a positive outcome. Aestima has vast experience in managing these complexities and preparing bills of costs which stand up well to assessment. Our commitment to realistic advice keeps costs at a minimum and the recovery high.