Client Sectors

An issue our clients often face is finding a law costs consultancy that has specialist knowledge of their particular area of law. With each sector requiring a tailored approach, it is often difficult for a general law costs consultancy to deliver the best outcome for clients.

At Aestima, our ability to advise on the full range of sectors speaks volumes for our versatility and breadth of knowledge. We have extensive experience adapting to the slight nuances within each sector and our team are specialists in ensuring a highly positive result.

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Housing Associations

Aestima are experienced in working with housing associations, having advised on and settled many cases in the past. In this sector it is vital that liability for third party costs are kept to a minimum and that strict deadlines are met. Where you are recovering costs the detailed understanding of costs recovery that each of our consultants has ensures that this goal is met. 

Commercial Solicitors

Many of our costs consultants have extensive experience in working with solicitors based in the City of London, as well as those who, whilst not London based, deal primarily in commercial cases for their clients. Our multiple locations allows for ongoing support to these clients through regular office visits, and the adaptability of the team allows them to tailor the services supplied to meet any case met in this area.

General Solicitors

The exceptional breadth of knowledge that the Aestima team have allows them to offer services across the wide spectrum of legal costs and meet all of your practice’s needs. By having offices in both London and Essex, it allows them to work with a wide range of clients outside of the capital too. Every client is special to us and whatever the requirements, Aestima can tailor their services.

Healthcare Providers & Unions

When working in a niche area such as healthcare or with a medical defence union, it is important that your law costs consultancy understands the nuances behind each process in respect to these sectors. At Aestima we have this knowledge and practical experience in acting on cases of this kind. This experience undoubtedly leads to a smoother costs assessment process and a swifter resolution.

Local Authority & Government Dept

It is only by having a detailed understanding of the claims for third party costs that a local authority or government department is likely to face that you can truly minimise that exposure. The experience of the Aestima team in multiple public authority cases means that they are perfectly placed to advise on claims for costs payable to third parties and ensure that public money is saved wherever possible.

Professional Deputies & Court of Protection Solicitors

When working with clients who deal in court of protection cases, the Aestima team ensure accuracy and timeliness are at the centre of each service. These traits, combined with an in-depth understanding of the nuances and case law that surrounds this area, leads to a swift processing of bills of costs and positive outcome for our clients. Our commitment to realistic advice keeps our charges at a minimum and the recovery high.

Employed Solicitors, Organisations, Insolvency Practitioners & Accountants

It is not only solicitors that work in private practice that require legal costs services. We regularly work with organisations who employ an in-house solicitor, or department. We have also worked with insolvency practitioners and auditors who act in relation to the valuation of solicitor’s work in progress, when collaboration is crucial. We will ensure that the costs consultant’s understanding of the matter is matched by their knowledge of the legal costs arena.