Housing Associations

Housing Associations and landlords are facing an increasing number of claims from tenants. Aestima, having worked in this sector for many years, is alert to the challenges you face in keeping the liability for third party costs to a minimum. Our contribution ensures your attentions are not diverted from your caseload when dealing with these cases and that those liabilities remain reasonable.

How do you deal with a disproportionate Bill of Costs when the deadline for Points of Dispute is approaching?

Our team of law costs consultants ensure a quick response to meet deadlines, but also one that focuses on resolving the dispute in the most cost effective manner. Our swift action prevents unnecessary extended costs proceedings, saving you both time and expense.

Do you find yourself neglecting costs recovery when preparing for a trial or a one day hearing?

With your focus on winning the case, it is beneficial to delegate the preparation of the Statement of Costs to a costs expert. Aestima can act as an integral part of your team and prepare the necessary statement on your behalf, relieving you of this task and ensuring the maximum recovery in the event you are awarded costs.

Are you finding it difficult to keep up with changes in the area of legal costs?

The costs consultants at Aestima regularly undertake training to keep fully up to date with changes in the industry. We in turn share this knowledge with our clients, giving guidance on how such changes may affect the running of your cases. By instructing Aestima, you are able to call on experts that enable you to limit your liability for costs and who offer valuable input to the assessment procedure.

Case Scenarios

We were approached by a client with a request to prepare points of dispute on an urgent basis for service the following day. The client advised that due to bad feeling with the opposing party’s solicitor, an extension of time would not be granted.

At Aestima, we have the capacity to deal with urgent jobs, nevertheless we advised the client to request the extension, as even if the extension was not granted, the letter would be evidence that the paying party clearly disputed the costs. Therefore the receiving party could not apply for a default costs certificate.

The client followed our advice and in the event the hostile solicitor granted a seven day extension. This extension afforded us the time to scrutinise the opponents Bill of Costs in detail and identify all issues which were likely to significantly reduce the claim for costs.

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