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The exceptional breadth of knowledge at Aestima allows us to offer services across the full range of legal costs. Every client is important to us and whatever the requirements, Aestima can tailor its services to meet the varied demands of a typical solicitor’s practice.

Are you looking for a law costs consultancy experienced in working with the Legal Aid Agency and who has knowledge of the CCMS?

The law costs consultants at Aestima have in-depth knowledge of publicly funded claims. This expertise is shared within the team and training is ongoing to understand all new working practices. By working with Aestima, you ensure your claims are accurately drawn and processed swiftly by the Legal Aid Agency. This helps to reduce the risk that your contract is sullied by incorrect claims. Our consultants attend to claims for payments on account, High Costs Case Plans and all aspects of legal aid costs.

Do you need a law costs consultancy who provides a comprehensive service that meets all your practices needs under one umbrella?

At Aestima the breadth of our knowledge means that we are able to assist on all the cases undertaken by our clients. We understand the importance of attending to the individual needs of each case and have built a team capable of adapting to meet your requirements. This ability to work with a single law costs consultancy allows you to work with one provider who can deal with the complete spectrum of costs ranging from inter partes costs, to Court of Protection, to Legal Aid or even Solicitor & Own Client costs.

Is your cash flow being strangled by opposition to your costs?

This could be through your own client disputing fees, technical issues taken by the Legal Aid Agency, or just delaying tactics undertaken by paying parties. Whilst we cannot eradicate these issues entirely, we can assist by deferring the payment of our own fees until you are in funds.

Hints & Tips

Paying parties and their solicitors are always asking us to reduce their liability in respect of the opponent’s costs. Whilst every bill is assessed on its own merits, a 20% reduction is a great starting point.

There are many instances where a particular party is not entitled to recover VAT on costs from the paying party, some of which are not always obvious, even to the receiving party, whom erroneously claim such VAT.

At Aestima, we know when a receiving party is not able to recover VAT, thereby achieving a 20% saving for your clients immediately.

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