As a law costs consultancy that regularly works in the offices of clients and develops close professional relationships, training has become an important addition to our service. These free talks on specific law costs subjects are an opportunity for the Aestima team to impart important advice and guidance to clients. We believe that these informal seminars encourage conversation and expansive thinking, helping us to align ourselves with our clients more effectively during cases.

Rather than organise lectures based on specific topics, we instead prefer to offer a bespoke training service that can be tailored to your requirements. This allows us to be free-flowing in the advice we offer and not restricted in what we discuss. Our clients are able to highlight educational points and guide us as to what would be most beneficial to them.

Whether you are an existing client, or a firm in need of guidance from a professional and highly knowledgeable law costs consultancy, please get in touch today. Whatever your training requirements, our highly experienced team will have the necessary skills to aid you.